Daughter of the Blue, crown princess of chromatikind

  • STR 16 – +3 (Racial Bonus)
  • DEX 8 – -1
  • CON 12 – +1
  • Int 10 – +0
  • Wis 18 – +4 (Class Bonus)
  • Cha 14 – +2

HP: 24/24
Init: + 0
AC: 17 (14 heavy armor, + 1 Con, + 1 Level, + 1 shield)
PD: 13
MD: 14
Recoveries: 8
Recovery Dice: 1d8 + 1
Basic Melee: Strength+Level vs. AC, Hit: 1d8+3 damage, Miss: Damage equal to level.


Mother’s Scales (beautiful blue scale mail bearing the Blue’s mark)
Uncle’s Fang (longsword carved from red steel carved with the Red’s mark)
Aunt’s Talon (black shield with the Black’s mark carved into it)
Wyrm’s Grace (Gold-embroidered purple cloak bearing the Great Gold Wyrm’s mark)
A selection of pretty dresses for all occasions.

  • Domain: Leadership – When you attack an enemy, hit or miss, all allies get +1d10 damage against that foe until the end of your next turn.
    Invocation of Leadership: Raise the escalation die by 1.
  • Domain: Strength – Wield heavy or martial weapons without attack penalty.
    Invocation of Strength: This battle, critical hits with melee attacks by you and nearby allies deal triple damage instead of double damage.
  • Domain: Protection – Once per battle, you can affect an additional ally when you cast a spell for broad effect.
    Invocation of Protection: This battle, critical hits against you and nearby allies deal normal damage instead of double damage.
  • Dragonbreath: Once per battle, make an attack as a quick action using your highest ability score vs. one nearby target’s PD. On a hit, the attack deals 1d6 damage per level of lightning damage.
Ritual Magic.

Adventurer: Leadership Domain (Leadership Domain bonus damage increases to +1d10)

  • Dragon’s Grace (Twice Per Battle)
    Quick action casting, Close-Quarters Spell
    Target: Self or ally you are touching
    Target can use one recovery to heal.
  • Breath of the Gold (Once Per Battle)
    Ranged Spell
    Target: One nearby enemy
    Attack: Wisdom+Spell level vs. MD
    Hit: 3d6+Wis holy damage and lowest HP ally nearby gets +4 AC until end of your next turn.
    Miss: Lowest HP ally nearby gets +2 AC until end of your next turn.
  • Body of the Red (Daily)
    Close-Quarters Spell
    Until the end of the battle, your basic melee attacks use d12s for base weapon damage.
  • Wrath of the Blue (At Will)
    Ranged Spell
    Target: One nearby enemy
    Attack: Wisdom+Spell Level vs. PD
    Hit: 1d6+Wis holy damage
    Miss: Damage equal to level.
  • Scales of the Black (Daily)
    Quick action casting, Ranged Spell
    Special: Power or Broad Effect
    Power: One nearby ally gets +2 AC for this battle.
    Broad Effect: 3 nearby allies get +1 AC for this battle.
  • Dragon’s Daughter 4 – Raised in the court of the Blue in Drakkenhall, Duhana knows the ways of power, nobility and dragons.
  • Seeker of Ancient Lore 2 – To better understand both her mother and her gods, Duhana has long been a seeker of lore – especially that related to the early days of empire and the birth of the Dragonborn.
  • Understanding The Gold 1 – Duhana has learned the arts of healing and caring for living creatures as well as comforting the sick in an effort to understand the Great Gold Wyrm and his people.
  • Dragon Body 2 – Duhana has fought and trained with the servants of the Red and Black, teaching her how to survive hardship. She has scarred scales to prove it.
One Unique Thing:

If she can live up to her mother’s power and her own destiny, Duhana will become The Amethyst, standing between the Great Gold Wyrm and the Three.

Icon Relationships
  • Great Gold Wyrm 1 (Conflicted) – The Wyrm knows of Duhana’s destiny, but her lineage is suspect. She is to be watched by the servants of the Wyrm, who will be quick to judge her should she seem on the path of her parent.
  • The Three 2 (Positive) – As the daughter of the Blue Sorceress, Duhana has met the Three personally. She doesn’t quite see eye-to-eye with them, given their ways, and she does not support them – but they see her as one of their own, hoping that perhaps her destiny lies with them, to replace the fallen White.

Duhana could have led a pampered life in Drakkenhall – she was hatched from the line of the Blue herself, after all, direct descendant of greatness. She could have relied on that…but for the fact that she was drawn to greatness herself. She was drawn to the power of the draconic gods, feeling their voices within her. Their guidance has drawn her away from her mother, pulling her to the destiny she has yet to understand: that she will ascend as a dragon herself, to stand between the Great Gold Wyrm and the Three as mediator. They have guided her to Shellport, where she can try and achieve greatness – the first step on the path to her destiny.


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