Elizadeh Ahashverosh

Tiefling innkeeper



“I think you’ll find that I’m like any other woman, only moreso.”

Occupation: Innkeeper

Elizadeh Ahashverosh — just call her “Eliza” — is one of the two owners of Soul Custody, which is the finest inn in Shellport (Note: there are not many inns in Shellport). Eliza’s exact origins are a mystery, but the middle-aged tiefling carries herself with such poise and dignity that practically everyone forebears to comment on the horns, tail, glowing eyes, and fire-burnished skin. All that is known about her is that she was once an Imperial Magus in the army, married Henry Harlowe, retired, and moved to Shellport to open a tavern. Within a year the two had a falling out followed by a divorce, and ever since each has run their own half of the business; Henry handling the kitchen and room-letting, and Eliza handling the bar, games tables, and other entertainments.

Elizadeh Ahashverosh

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