Guildmistress Drayna

a long-suffering dragonborn who serves as the town's mayor



“You have fifteen seconds to either get to the point, or eat lightning.”

Drayna claims that she hates being in charge, but everyone else is too stupid to do it properly. Drayna made her reputation as a gladiator in Axis, using her winnings to found a mercenary company specializing in guarding caravans. After a few decades of that, she started buying her own caravans. These days she’s more manager than warlord, but she still dresses in chainmail and carries a cutlass and flail wherever she goes; it tends to cut down on chatter in the boardroom.

Currently, her faction holds a very narrow majority in Aqua Regis’s shareholder meetings, but that could change any day now.

Drayna has one daughter; a nineteen year old half-fiend named Kyndra the Red, who is the leading criminal element in Shellport.

Guildmistress Drayna

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