Henry Harlowe

Soldier-turned-innkeeper who has gone to pot



“Our all you can eat offer don’t include dwarves, dracos, hobgoblins, or half-orcs. Read the dang fine print next time.”

Occupation: Innkeeper

Henry’s a big, slow, genial man with an epic temper simmering just under the surface. Anyone who sits still too long near the counter on a slow day will hear all about how he used to be a soldier in the Imperial Legions, until he earned enough salt to start his own inn; his glory days might be behind him, but there’s still considerable muscle under all that fat. He and his ex-wife Eliza opened the Soul Custody several years ago, before undergoing a divorce so epic in scope that the nearby buildings still bear scars. Nowadays they split the business; Henry handling the kitchen and room-letting, and Eliza handling the bar, games tables, and other entertainments.

Henry Harlowe

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