John Jemmett

Cursed Jock-to-wizard and owner of the Demonomicon


Name: John Jemmett
Race: Human
Class: Wizard 1

One Unique Thing: Jemmett has become mystically bonded with the Demonomicon, an ancient tome of dark lore, and cursed to slowly turn into a wizard.

Icon Relationships

  • The Archmage: 2 conflicted – Jemmett’s case is an interesting one, but the Archmage either hasn’t decided what to do about it or doesn’t personally care. Some of his representatives want to help, some think they should just kill Jemmett, and some are more interested in the book than him.
  • The Diabolist: 1 conflicted – The Diabolist wants to get her hands on the book too, though he’s not sure if she’s proposing an alliance or trying to kill him. It’s probably a bad idea, but Jemmett can use that to his advantage if he’s desperate.
  • STR: 12 (+1)
  • DEX: 10 (+0)
  • CON: 12 (+1)
  • INT: 16 (+3)
  • WIS: 16 (+3)
  • CHA: 14 (+2)

Init: +1
HP: 21/21
AC: 12
PD: 12
MD: 16

Recoveries: 8 (1d6/level)


  • Combat as Sport +2 – He’s getting rusty, but he’s still an athlete at heart.
    Hey Baby +3 – Jemmett’s smooth-talking skills that got him into this mess.
  • Wizard Correspondence School +3 – Jemmett is learning about magic to try and do something about his condition.
  • Living Demonomicon +4 – Knows a lot about black magic, fiendish creatures and the ways of evil.

Racial Abilities:
Quick to Fight: At the start of each battle, roll initiative twice and choose the result you want.
Surprisingly Tough: +1 all saves

Ritual Magic
Cantrip Mastery (10 cantrips/day)
Vance’s Polysyllabic Verbalizations
High Arcana

Further Backgrounding

Comfortable clothes, jersey, staff sports equipment, crossbow, football

Basic Melee: 2 vs AC, 1d61
Basic Ranged: +1 vs AC, 1d4


John Jemmett used to be a simpler man. One of several sons of an Axis merchant – but not very bright – John was content to get mediocre reports from his teachers, enjoy sports and maybe become an athlete or something.

Then he dated his half-elf classmate.

Not that there was anything wrong with Sdacy. The problem was another classmate, the son of a wizard, had been pining after her for months. Enraged that Sdacy would date someone like Jemmett instead of a nice guy like him, the wizard’s son searched his father’s books for a way to expose Jemmett for the asshole he really was. He found the Demonomicon, an ancient tome of black magic, and through some dark ritual he merged the book with John.

Now John Jemmett is the Demonomicon. The cursed book has made him smarter and taught him the ways of magic and evil – but in return, it is sapping his strength and athletic skills. Jemmett is turning into a wizard. The efforts of several mages and healers have so far failed to fix it, though Jemmett has learned a lot from them. Jemmett fears the Demonomicon will turn him into something darker, and for now he has left Axis for everyone’s safety.

With only the clothes on his back and a huge loan from his father, Jemmett travelled in search for a place to continue his research before hearing about Shellport. He’s invested his father’s money in the town with the intention of building a research lab, where he can study his condition and find a way to reverse or halt it.

John Jemmett

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