Kele the bird

I'm a bird!


Kele the bird

Class: Monk
Race: Bird! (Elf)

  • Str 8 (-1)
  • Dex 18 (+4)
  • Con 14 (+2)
  • Int 8 (-1)
  • Wis 16 (+3)
  • Cha 14 (+2)

Initiative: +5

HP: 27 HP

Basic attack: +5 / 1d6 +4

Unique Feature: Once was a bird, now is just weird. Claims he can talk to animals, but if he can they’re tremendously unhelpful.

Iconic relationships:
  • High Druid: Positive 2
    Kele has spent all of his short life as an elf among the druids and monks of the High Druid. Cheerful, knowledgeable, dedicated, tirelessly helpful, Kele made quite an impression among them and has countless friends scattered about the world, especially among those who live close to the land.
  • Elf Queen: Negative 1
    Whatever Kele is, he wasn’t born an elf. However he got access to the Elf Queen’s sorcerous magic, he wasn’t given it legitimately. He has no friends in the fey courts, and seelie assassins have tried to kill him more than once.
  • Bird +5
  • Botched Monastic Training +3
  • Fortune Loves Fools +1

Class Features

  • Ki Attack:
    1/day roll 2d20 to hit, choose one.
  • Flurry: On any attack except the Opening move, deal 1d6 damage to one enemy Kele is engaged with.
  • Opening Fist: First time each enemy takes damage, they suffer an additional 1d10 damage and a +1 to hit.
  • Still Mind: +wisdom bonus to Mental Defense
  • Monkey Paws the Lotus

Opening Move: Jest of the Open Palm: Deal 1 damage to any engaged enemy, and disengage freely from any number of enemies.

Flow Attack: Weave a Drunken Stagger Step: Make a basic melee attack. If you hit, The first enemy to hit Kele next turn must make a saving throw or deal only half damage.

Finishing Attack: Three Claws take the Heart: One foe, dex + level vs. AC, and if the roll is even, +2 to AC until end of next turn. Miss: Half damage.

  • Salutation of the Just

Opening Move: The Just Soul fears None: Make a basic melee attack. On a hit, make a save against one effect that a save ends.

Flow Attack: In the flame of Pure Heart: Make a basic melee attack. On an even, deal +1d12 fire damage.

Finishing Attack: Shadow Becomes Ash: Dex + level vs. PD, 1d12 + dex holy damage, one enemy or 1d3 nearby undead or demons.

Equipment: Kele has his clothes, a collection of rocks, and a eight inch knife he uses to replace his missing beak. He also has a collection of instructional koans he’s written to hand out as instructional materials. No one understands them.


About four years ago, a bird turned into an elf. This came as somewhat of a surprise to the bird, who plummeted from the tree he was perched in to the ground, and an equal surprise to the monks who were training in the grove beneath, who were not expecting a naked man to come crashing in from above. Kele’s first experience as an elf involved a lot of angry shouting, as he demanded his feathers be returned and the monks demanded he put his pants back on.

When understanding was reached, Kele joined the remote forest monastery and learned what it meant to be a humanoid from the monks. He was a quick study, and his natural wildness made him a quick study at the martial art styles taught by the High Druid. In return, Kele gave the monks unparalleled insight into the daily life of wild animals. His unique origin made him a small celebrity, and he did a fair amount of touring about, meeting influential druids and answering their questions about his perceptions of the world. His answers generally raised more questions than they answered, which only made him more popular among academic circles.

Kele’s peaceful life came to an end recently. He always had strained relations with the subjects of the Elf Queen, but after years of study with the monks he began incorporating sorcerous magic, the wheelhouse of the Elf Queen, into his fighting style. Kele learned he had made a powerful enemy when a unicorn tried to assassinate him while he was training in the woods. Not having a way to protect himself in the forest, Kele bid his mentors a fond farewell, and headed out into the world to find a purpose.

He’s spent the past few months doing odd mercenary work and sleeping in attics uninvited. While a fighter of dazzling skill, and possessed of keen avian senses, Kele’s naivete has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion.

Kele the bird

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