Mr. Eisenheart

a man on the rise!



“I came to this place to build the impossible; a city where a man might live free.”

Gart Eisenheart fills out his well tailored suit like a stack of bricks. Despite being a half-orc, Eisenheart has never shown any disposition towards violence whatsoever; he is a creature of pure intellect. Eisenheart’s detractors accuse him of playing fast and loose with money and ethics; his friends applaud him for his foresight and daring. Where his rival Drayna favors methodical and time-tested methods for building up Shellport, Eisenheart’s plans are risky, audacious, and sometimes brilliant. He is the ideas-man to Drayna’s stubborn practicality.

Eisenheart firmly believes that the city would profit if he were in charge and Drayna were relegated to an administrative role, and he has set into motion certain plans to bring this about.

Mr. Eisenheart

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