Padre Dunmi

A thoroughly sensible and forward-thinking priest



“I believe that I am exceedingly ’hip” to the ways and slang of the young people of this age."

Padre Dunmi is the head of the Monastic Order of St. Bryl; he took over the position following the death by natural causes (liver failure) of Padre Gonnal, who brought the order to Shellport in the first place. The hallmark of Dunmi’s reign as Abbot has been an increase in the order’s coffers coupled to a willingness to allow commercial interests and non-monastic residents to make their home on the great Behemoth. Critics say that Padre Dunmi is too much a man of worldly affairs, pointing to his carefully thinned, dyed, and waxed beard as proof of earthly vanity. His defenders say that he is only using common-sense methods of bringing salvation to the larger world; and what could be more Dwarven than that?

Padre Dunmi

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