Roe Soledad

Violinist of DEATH


CON 10
DEX 16
INT 14
WIS 12
CHA 18

HP 21
AC 14
PD 11
MD 14

Init + 4
Recoveries: 8
Recovery dice: d8 + 0

One Unique Thing:

Death seems to be present wherever she plays, and it has followed all of her life. Not to say those around her will die, but somehow something will be affected by death.

Icon Relationships:
  • The Lich King: 2 points conflicted – Although her somber songs bring death, it is not in her nature for her actions to kill, or even for her to assist the Lich King. However the hordes of dead things that turn up in her wake have sparked the Lich King’s interests.
  • Priestess: 1 point negative – As death walks behind her, the Priestess does not see the inheritable neutral nature of Roe, but is in disdain of her.
Backgrounds (10 Points):
  • Been Everywhere +1 – Her performances are sought all over the world, and she is constantly being asked to play for the highest and the lowest of peoples. She will hardly ever turn down a request, and thus has travelled far and wide.
  • Familiar with Rites +2 – Performing in different lands is more than just playing a tune, you must learn how to adapt the to different culture and customs, and Roe has been able to do so without incident.
  • Strikingly Beautiful +4 – Creating such a rumor mill about her performances, and her unique looks has certainly given Roe an edge on how she is able to interact with others. Not to mention that her mere presence never goes unnoticed in a crowd.
  • Well Funded +3 – No longer playing performances for free, her events are sought after by nearly everyone in the lands, as many flock to hear her hauntingly beautiful songs. She has not needed wealth for some time, and in fact is nearly overflowing with it.
  • Battle Cries: Use your battle cries without making a melee attack

Quick to Fight: At the start of each battle, roll initiative twice and choose the result you want.
Surprisingly Tough: Humans gain a +1 bonus to all saves.

Class (3):

  • Balladeer: At each level, including 1st level, you learn one song of your choice. Each day you can sing one of these great songs to give you a positive relationship you would not ordinarily have with an icon.
    Make a Charisma skill check using your best singing or musical background. If you succeed, you gain 2 points of positive relationship with the chosen icon for the rest of the day (until the next full heal-up).
    DC: 15
    Known Songs: Dirge of the Lich King – Enemy Dice: Archmage, Emperor, Priestess
  • Spellsinger: You can choose an extra bardic song or bard spell at the highest level you know
  • Jack of Spells: Choose another spell-casting character class. You can choose one spell from the spell list of that class, of your own level or lower, as a spell you know how to cast. This spell is a bonus spell, not included in your bard class count. You can’t jack spells that come from class talents.
  • Bard Basic Attacks:
    At-will melee attack
    Attack: Dexterity + Level vs. AC (4 vs AC)
    Hit: 1d8 + Dexterity (3) damage
    Miss: Damage equal to class level (1)
  • At-will ranged attack
    Attack: Dexterity + Level vs. AC (4 vs AC)
    Hit: 1d6 + Dexterity (3) damage
Battle Cries:
  • Steel Yourself from Death
    Flexible Melee Attack
    Triggering Roll: Natural 16+
    Effect: Give a nearby ally a +1 bonus to AC until the start of your next turn.
  • Don’t Fear the Reaper
    Flexible Melee Attack
    Triggering Roll: Any even hit
    Effect: A nearby conscious ally can make a save against an effect that ends with a successful save.
  • The Sickle Slices
    Bardic Song – Daily
    Quick action each turn; 6+ to sustain
    Opening & Sustained Effect: Any attack against you takes a penalty equal to the number of your allies in the battle who have more hit points than you.
    Final Verse: The effect ends immediately, and you or one ally of your choice can use a recovery.
  • The Press of Death
    Ranged Spell – Recharge 11+ after battle
    Target: 1 nearby enemy
    Attack: Charisma + Spell Level vs. MD
    Hit: The target is confused until end of your next turn.
    Natural Even Miss: The target is dazed until end of your next turn.
  • Adagio
    Bardic Song – Recharge 11+ after battle
    Quick action each turn; 11+ to sustain
    Opening & Sustained Effect: You and your nearby allies gain a +1 attack bonus until the start of your next turn.
    Final Verse: The effect ends immediately, but one ally of your choice gets a +2 bonus to their next attack.
  • Jacked Spell (Sorcerer Scorching Ray):
    Ranged Spell – At-Will
    Target: One nearby or far away enemy
    Attack: Charisma + Spell Level vs. PD
    Hit: 1d6 + Constitution fire damage, and if the attack is an even roll, 1d6 ongoing fire damage
    Miss: Fire damage equal to your level.

Armor (Light): Heavily padded vest
Melee (Light One Handed): Shiny Rapier Bow
The bow of Roe’s violin has been modified to be used as a nasty weapon.
Ranged (Light): Crossbow
Always vigilant, Roe carries a nasty light crossbow


As a young child, Roe had a fairly normal childhood, until her parents died. Alone, frightened, and having no way to survive, Roe turned to fiddle, the bow, and her music, playing somber songs, for she was a somber child, not having much happiness around her. When she got older, she found that her songs did not bring cheer and glee like the other entertainers, however due to the nature of the music she produced, she was never lack of an audience. But then something began to happen. Those that listened to her play began to die.

Not knowing the reason for the ill luck that followed her, she turned to travelling from city to city, town to town, making a name for playing funeral dirges and hauntingly beautiful songs about death. Unfortunately death has followed in her wake and continues to be ever present around her.

The relationship between Roe and death is only just beginning, but even the blindest can see that death, or more appropriately, the beings that carry our souls beyond, have chosen Roe for one reason or another, and soon their fates may be intertwined.

Roe Soledad

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