Rogax the barbarian

He is getting too old for this shit. He is getting too old for ALL OF THIS SHIT.


Rogax, Level 1 Human Barbarian

  • STR 18 (+4)
  • CON 16 (+3)
  • DEX 12 (+1)
  • INT 12 (+1)
  • WIS 12 (+1)
  • CHA 8 (-1)

AC: 14
PD: 15
MD: 12
Initiative: +2
HP: 30
Recoveries: 8 @ 1d10 + 3 Con

  • At-will melee attack: +5 vs. AC, Hit: 1d10 +4 damage, Miss: 1 damage
  • At-will ranged attack: +2 vs. AC, Hit: 1d6 +1 damage, Miss: -
  • Barbarian Rage: Once per day, start raging as a quick action: until the end of the battle roll 2 d20 for attacks, take the higher result; when both are 11+ and one hits, it’s a crit; recharge 16+ after the battle.
  • Slayer: During your turn, when you attack a wounded enemy you were not engaged with at the start of your turn, add +1d6 additional damage per level to that target if you hit.
  • Unstoppable: Once per battle, declare you’re using this talent before making a barbarian melee attack. If your attack hits at least one target, you can use a recovery as a free action.
  • Whirlwind Attack: You can make a whirlwind attack whenever you are engaged by two or more enemies. Roll a separate melee attack against each enemy you are engaged with. Roll damage only once and deal half damage to each enemy you hit, but no damage to enemies you miss.

Adventurer Feat: You gain a +2 bonus to slayer attacks.

  • Two-handed martial weapon: Slaypaw, a (once magical) two-handed greataxe
  • Light thrown weapons: two throwing axes
  • Light armor: old, worn hides and a fur cape that doesn’t look quite as luxurious as it used to
One Unique Thing: There are Legends about me

Rogax has been part of many adventures that have become tales that are told throughout the Empire. He’s not immediately recognized wherever he goes, but his name might ring a bell.

Backgrounds (9 points)
  • +3 I’ve seen this before…: Having traveled far and wide, Rogax has seen his fair share of creatures, people and things – but his memory sometimes fails him.
  • +4 Rigorous Workout: Rogax keeps his body in good shape – not quite as good as it used to be, but still good enough to surprise with his physical prowess.
  • +2 A helping Hand (or Purse): Always willing to help – be it through labor or his money – Rogax can gain favor with others.
Icon Relationships
  • Orc Lord, 2 negative: The Orc Lord wanted to make Rogax one of his champions, but Rogax managed to first resist his call, then he retired. The Orc Lord has not forgotten this cowardice. What’s worse: he certainly doesn’t forgive.
  • Emperor, 1 conflicted: His deeds have often advanced the security of the Empire and serve as an example for others. For that the Emperor respect him. However, Rogax is not necessarily a loyal subject and has sometimes caused as much trouble as he caused good for the Emperor.

It’s been a few years, decades even, since a young man left the Red Bear tribe and went into the world of the 13th age. Many adventures later, he had amassed fortune and fame. He accomplishes so much: mastered dungeons, defeated monsters and rescued countless lives through his deeds.

His age was starting to catch up with him, though, and he set his eyes on retirement. When he heard about Shellport, he was intrigued. A calm life, yet a little bit of excitement from the sheer fact of living on a Koru Behemoth and the many sights that are to be seen along its route. Rogax was one of the first settlers allowed on Shellport, owing to his fame and a generous donation to the monastery.

Since then, he has been a retiree. During spring and summer, he tends to his small garden of plants collected along the behemoth’s route and keeps himself fit and limber with tai-chi-like workouts. In fall and winter, he entertains the crowd at the tavern with tales of his adventures. At night, when he sits in front of the crackling fireplace, he looks up to the big ax hanging over it. The magic it once held is long gone, but it’s still in good shape, more than a mere memento.

Rogax would love to lead a quiet and peaceful life, but his heart is just too big. He will always jump to help his neighbors and friends whether to help them with repairs around the house or to tide them over a financial drought. One thing he has managed to avoid so far: taking Slaypaw, his ax, from its place above the mantlepiece. He claims he is happy about this, but deep inside, he knows it might be inevitable; sometimes, he even longs for a last hurrah for a moment before pushing that thought away as quickly as it came.

Rogax the barbarian

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