Ancient paladin returned to unlife for purposes unknown


Name: Siegfried
Race: Former Human (Steelborn)
Class: Paladin

One Unique Thing: His body reduced to bare bones while fighting The Diabloist’s forces, Siegfried re-inhabited his skeleton, now imbued with The Gold Wyrm’s power.

Icon Relationships

  • 1 dice positive, The Great Golden Wyrm: While it is unclear as to how or why, it seems The Wyrm had something to do with Siegfried’s resurrection and empowerment. He is, by and large, treated with respect by the various sub-orders devoted to the Wyrm.
  • 1 dice conflicted, The Crusader: While he is thankful that Siegfried gave his life to defend him, and always valued his devotion to the demon-slaying portion of the cause, The Crusader is wary of Siegfried’s former refusal to worship the gods of darkness, and puzzled by his return and service to The Wyrm. While Siegfried has contacts still within The Crusader’s forces, they are unwilling to help him too openly.
  • 1 dice Negative, The Diabloist: The Diabloist cannot stand the idea of a ‘confirmed kill’ getting up and walking away, especially one who thwarted an attempt on The Crusader. For his part, Siegfried still goes out of his way to disrupt the machination’s of the cults aligned with The Diabloist.

STR: 18 (4)
DEX: 10 (
CON: 14 (2)
INT: 10 (
WIS: 10 (0)
CHA: 16 (

HP: 30/30
Init: +1
AC: 19
PD: 14
MD: 13

Recoveries: 8
Recovery Dice: 1d10/level


*Returned (+3): Due to the loss of all but his bones,
Siegfried is able to withstand things his former body could not.

*Knight In Shining Armor (+3) : As a paladin of The Wyrm and former soldier with the Crusader,
Siegfried has become adept at dealing with any unholy threats, be they demonic, necrotic, or generally evil.

*Skeletal Visage (+3) : Behind the gleaming armor, there is still a skeleton.
While he usually stays girded, Siegfried can reveal himself, or even slip out of his armor to better hide himself.

Racial Abilities:
Never Say Die: The first time you are dropped to 0 hp or below during a battle, roll a normal save if you have a recovery available. On an 11+, instead of falling unconscious, you stay on your feet and can rally as a free action. Add the recovery hit points to 0 hp to determine your hp total.


  • Smite Evil
    You can use this talent once per battle, plus an additional number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier. (+3)
    As a free action before you make a paladin melee attack roll, you can declare that you’re using a smite evil attack. Add +1d12 to the damage roll AND deal half damage with the attack if it misses.
  • Fearless
    You are immune to fear abilities and to any non-damage effects of attacks named or described as fear attacks.
    In addition, you gain a +1 attack bonus with melee attacks against an enemy that is not engaged by any of your allies. The bonus increases to +2 against enemies with fear abilities (for example, the dretch, red dragon, and minotaur).
  • Lay on Hands
    Twice per day, as a standard action, you can heal yourself or a nearby ally with a touch, and possibly more. Roll a d20:
    1–5: You can choose which character spends the recovery (of course it’s yours if you are alone).
    6–10: The recovery is free.
    11–15: The recovery is free and so is the action for laying on hands; you get your standard action back to use as you like this turn.
    16–20: As the result for 11–15, but the character healing gets two free recoveries.

Adventurer Feat: Add your Charisma modifier (+3) to your lay on hands rolls

  • Bastion
    You gain +1 AC.
    Once per battle when a nearby ally is hit by an attack, you can choose to lose hit points equal to half of that damage, and have your ally take half of the damage instead. You can’t use temporary hit points, damage resistance, or any other tricks to avoid the damage.


Sharpened Longsword, Buffed Heavy Shield, Gleaming Plate Armor, bone polish (Siegfried likes things clean)

Basic Melee: 5, 1d84


“I have been given an opportunity to serve the world as long as I am able. For as long as I can fight, I shall.”

Report circulated to various Icons by Khandalus The Scholar

Next to nothing is known of the early life of the ‘man’ known as ‘The Dead Knight’. All we can be sure of is that he was born somewhere near Axis, and that he joined the forces of The Crusader as soon as he was of age. Having acquired certain documents from former member’s of the Crusader’s army, I am able to determine that he was a capable fighter, with his chances of promotion limited by a refusal to worship the dark gods.

There is a clear report of the events that led to Siegfried’s unique condition, however. During a raid on a hellhole that The Diabloist was sheltering in, Siegfried found himself back-to-back with The Crusader himself, beating back the creatures of The Abyss alongside his commander. At one point, The Diabloist herself appeared, and in a moment of low cunning, tripped The Crusader, arms raised for a fatal blow. Siegfried rushed forward, catching the strike on his shield and allowing The Crusader to safely quit the field. Maddened with rage, The Diabloist incinerated the knight, melting his armor to slag.

When questioned, Siegfried is either unable or unwilling to recall what he saw beyond the veil of life. All he knows is that after a time, he found himself able to move, and made his way out of the hellmouth. As he reached the light, he was shocked to discover that he had not survived the blast intact. His flesh and organs were gone, yet he could see, hear, smell, and speak as before. His mind raced as he found a fallen comrade, donning the heavy plate armor worn by The Crusader’s front line. As he made his way back to First Triumph, he was found by a patrol of demons tasked with mopping up any survivors. As they closed in, Siegfried felt power wash over him, and a glow began to emanate from the gaps in his armor. Lifting his visor, a tangible beam of light blasted forth, striking the leading demon through the chest, slaying it. As the rest scattered, Siegfried found himself visited by a calming presence, directed to a nearby abbey devoted to the Great Gold Wyrm. There, he explained his circumstances to the head abbot, who welcomed him into the flock, helping him hone his newfound power.

By all current accounts, Siegfried has taken up the mantle of a knight errant under The Wyrm, journeying across the Empire in an attempt to rid the world of evil. The Crusader is aware of his existence, and has, surprisingly, taken a hands-off approach, biding his time until necessary. The Diabloist, unsurprisingly, was incensed to discover that the pitiful mortal who denied her a chance at killing The Crusader still lives. The various churches and halfway homes devoted to The Wyrm seem to welcome him as though he were any other knight, but Siegfried ensures that no-one sees his true form. Of late, he has traveled to Shellport, hoping to establish a presence for The Gold Wyrm in the boomtown, while hoping to get away from the constant trail of admirers and amateur undead hunters hired by The Diabloist.
-Ever your humble servant, Khandalus

Note to self: make 1 copy each for The Elf Queen, Dwarf King, The Blue, The Emperor and The Archmage.


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