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John Jemmett, Jock-turned-wizard
Siegfried, bony paladin dude
Roe Soledad, goth violinist
Kele the Bird, who is the Word
Duhana, daughter of the Blue
Rogax, an ancient barbarian


The Monastic Order of the Most Blessed St. Bryl

Bryl Rotgut is the dwarven patron saint of Ale and Hospitality. Legend says that Bryl was a brewmistress so skilled, so accomplished, and so deft in the weaving of hops, malt, and wheat that the Allparents themselves became impressed and dragged her down (Down is always good, in Dwarven culture) to dwell with them always and craft the booze of the Gods. Bryl’s greatest teaching is that no dwarf or dwarf-friend should ever go thirsty in this world or the next. To that end her many followers – for she is a very popular saint— have established numerous hostels and monasteries in the most distant and dangerous reaches of the Empire, where weary travelers can find sanctuary and succor. The paladins of St. Bryl ride specially-bred war dogs into battle; each of these St. Bryl-hounds carries a hefty cask of ale attached to its collar in case they should need to dispense life-giving beer to the lost or injured.

+ Dwarf King, + Priestess, / Crusader, – Lich King. The Order prizes charity and self sacrifice and despises wickedness and despair, but the Crusader’s take-no-prisoners attitude makes them hella uneasy.

Padre Dunmi, a happening man of the cloth
The Warriors Swole, playing card-games on corgis

Aqua Regis, Inc.

A consortium of merchants and transporters lured to Little Mother by the promise of getting in on the ground floor of the biggest economic opportunity this century. United only by a lust for gold, some days it seems as if every member of the alliance hates every other member. Ultimately, each one dreams of becoming the mayor of a city whose wealth will rival Glitterhaegan.

+ Emperor, + Archmage, / The Three, – Prince of Shadows, – Orc King Stability and civilized order are good for profits, anarchy and theft are bad for profits, and even the less savory markets deserve to be tapped.

Associated NPCS:
Guildmistress Drayna, an irritable dragonborn mayor
Mr. Eisenheart, a half-orc who is going places!
Inspector Dacia, a poor corrupt official

Bad Side of Town

Kyndra the Red, the people’s champion

Unaffiliated NPCS:

Elizadeh, a tiefling innkeeper
Henry Harlowe, a human innkeeper

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