Town Stats

Company stuff:

Infrastucture replaces territory, because it’s hard to have territory on the back of a giant turtle-monster, but the rest are pretty self explanatory.

  • Might: 3 (with Paladins) or 1 (no Paladins). The paladins and monks of St. Bryl are a very small but elite fighting force tasked with safeguarding the monastery and pursuing the dictates of their religion. When their duties align with the wishes of the town (such as repelling an enemy invasion), they make for an effective fighting force; when they don’t (such as launching an invasion) the town relies on poorly armed merchant guards.
  • Treasure 2: The merchants of Shellsport have currently overextended their lines of credit. With some luck and solid financial planning, this will turn into a 3.
  • Influence 1: Your fingers are far from the pulse of the community, and nobody is inclined to listen to you much.
  • Sovereignty 1: Few people believe in the idea of Shellport, or have faith in its leaders, including you.
  • Infrastructure 2: Mostly trading caravans and warehouse workers. You have a lot of empty buildings that can be easily converted into businesses, if you can only get some skilled workers to fill them.

All of you are Shellport Shareholders, which means that you contributed money to buy an initial stake in the project. Your number of votes is equal to the amount of money you put in, which puts each of you pretty low on the totem pole. But! It does mean you get a chair and a chance to talk at the town council, if you feel inclined to partake of boring government stuff. So far, most town councils have consisted of Guildmistress Drayna getting yelled at by a bunch of people wanting to know where all their money went to and when this thing is going to turn a profit. One time, she got so mad she spat lightning.

This is pretty normal, for town council standards. Kele the Bird turns up to every meeting, religiously.

Town Stats

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